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Conga drums are loved the world over ~*~
And of all the hand drums seem to find their way into every style of music

From the roots on up into funk, jazz, rock , pop, R&B, soul, gospel, the list just keeps growing

The congas are a solid grooving instrument with the ability to evoke spellbinding melodies and launch into explosive solos
So sexy for a bit of barrel shaped wood with some skin thrown over it

Honeydrum Conga classes explore the traditional rhythms and grooves of Cuban and Brazilian music and take a deeper look at playing with 1, 2 and 3 congas

Here you will Develop good technique and a sound understanding of the rhythm families of folkloric and Popular styles like Rumba, Bembe, Samba, Salsa, Funk and quite a few more

Learn to play in a Conga group and exchange rhythmic ideas and solos, its great fun and a great way to develop as a player