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Dances of the Orishas and Rumba Masterclass

At Honeydrum Studios

Image of Yemaya, Orisha of the Sea and Motherhood Image of Yemaya, Orisha of the Sea and Motherhood.


Led by Marie-Claire Mathias, you will be introduced to the beautiful, energetic dances of the Orishas, folkloric deities. In this masterclass you will explore the basic steps and techniques, look at a short choreography, and learn about the rhythm and songs that accompany each specific Orisha and his/her dance.

Marie-Claire Mathias

Marie-Claire Mathias

A unique workshop, with live drumming and singing accompaniment, you will enjoy yourself, learn something new, break a sweat and have an experience!


Dance: Marie-Claire Mathias

Percussion: Phen~* of the North

Vocals: Liska Baila


Booking essential, spaces limited.

Cost: £40


To book and/or for more info contact Liska on 07814 382 651

or email [email protected]